A2A, Cerveteri
8,7 + 5 MW repowering project


2021- ongoing

Project: Cerveteri 8,7 MW repowering project. Feasibility, engineering, authorization and construction management for PV plant complete revamping and repowering (+5 MW grid- parity section).

Client: A2A is an Italian multiservice company which operates in the sectors of environment, energy, heat. It is active in the production, distribution and sale of electricity (second in Italy for installed capacity), gas and waste management.

Activities: SunGAP is supporting the Client in the execution of the project that will increase the production of the plant by 102% (incentivized + grid parity section) which corresponds to about € 2M of additional annual revenue with an expected capex of about €9,4M.
SunGAP is managing the connection procedures for the grid-parity section of 5 MW, the design and the authorization process with the aim to maximize the value of the plant. For the implementation phase, SunGAP will support the Client in the management of the works assuming the responsibility of the Works Director (Direttore dei Lavori).