Ardian, Nardò.
10 MW revamping project.


Project: Nardò 9 MW revamping Project. Feasibility, engineering, authorization, procurement and construction management for the biggest Italian PV plant complete revamping with structure modification from fix tilt to tracker.

Client: Ardian, a world-leading private investment house with more than EUR 120 bn of asset managed, specialized in infrastructure and energy.

Activities: SunGAP has proposed the complete revamping to the Client that wanted only replace 2 MW of defective panels. In fact, there was the opportunity to improve production by 26%, reduce annual degradation by 50% and extend the life of the plant.

The works have been finalized in 80 days with only 600 MWh production loss (-20% vs period budget), € 5 M total capex and €1,6 M of additional annual revenue.

SunGAP has supported the Client managing the connection procedure for a potential expansion of plant capacity, the design and the authorization with the aim to maximize the value of the plant. In the implementation phase, SunGAP has supported the Client in the procurement (scouting, negotiation, contracts) and management of the works assuming the responsibility of the Works Director (Direttore dei Lavori) and Safety Coordination.