Enovos, 4MW revamping inverter


Project: 4×1 MW plants inverter revamping. Feasibility study, engineering, authorization, procurement and construction management for the repowering of the plants.

Client: Enovos , the Luxembourg main utility company active also in Germany, Belgium and France with a total renewable energy capacity of 360 MW and 1.000 MW of O&M contracts.

Activities: SunGAP has supported the Client in the feasibility study, the design and the authorization process with the aim to maximize the value of the plants. For the implementation phase, SunGAP has supported the Client in the procurement (scouting, negotiation, contracts) and management of the works assuming the responsibility of the Works Director (Direttore dei Lavori) and Safety Coordination.

With this revamping the plants are producing about 7% more energy than similar plant in the same area, worth about additional €35k of annual revenue with a total capex spent of about €90k (3 years PBT).