Revamping and repowering plan.


Project: 94 MW solar portfolio revamping and repowering plan.

Client: Equitix, a leading global investor, developer, and long-term fund manager of core infrastructure assets.

Activities: SunGAP has supported the Client in identifying the best revamping and repowering  opportunities for a PV portfolio of 40 plants with a total capacity of about 94MW. In the Plan, each project have a specific output. On 23 plants it’s possible to extend the capacity up to 35% (33 MW), giving the Client the chance to built new power with 25% less capital compared with new greenfield opportunities. The repowering and revamping project it’s a great opportunuty to extract value from the portfolio but need to be managed carefully focusing on specific aspects such as the extension of the duration of land rights and the management of new connection requests.