Obton, Sagitta
Portfolio revamping.



Project: Sagitta revamping projects. 9×1 MW PV plants complete revamping (from fix tilt to tracker) authorization support, constriction management, Direction of Works and Health and Safety Coordination.

Client: Obton, a Danish solar investor, leader in Europe with more than EUR 2 bn in investments under administration and more than 900 global solar PV parks.

Activities: SunGAP is supporting the Client in the authorization of plants revamping with the local authority and during the construction phase with the management of the works, assuming the responsibility of the Works Director (Direttore dei Lavori) and Safety Coordination.

SunGAP executes periodic site visits to check the compliance between the project and the execution, the advancement of the works and the expected timeline end the safety procedure with the highest international standard.